Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate delivery charges?

Delivery fees in (Shoppy Mall) depend on the store you order from. The store provides a delivery service for some stores, which enables you to receive products by order from one of these stores, but there are other stores that manage the delivery process for the orders you receive, in which case each store has its own delivery fee

Is there a customer service number to call you?

+ (962) 786500050 You can contact us through the number

Is it possible to pay with a credit card?

Yes, the payment methods available in the Shoppy Mall app are either cash on delivery or credit card payment

How about the after sales service?

This service is provided by the store and the official agent for the products, especially in the case of electrical and electronic devices, which is the store you ordered through, but we at Shoppy Mall also facilitate communication between the parties and help at any time

Can I open a store in the Shoppy Mall?

Certainly, if you own/work in an existing store, trading company or online store, you can contact us to start your shop in Shoppy Mall within Shoppy Mall quality standards.

What is Shoppy Mall?

The Shoppy Mall electronic markets reflect the local market in an efficient and easy way, as local shops and commercial companies gather in one place, which is the Shoppy Mall, and provide the opportunity to browse and order products by users with ease.

How long does the delivery process take

Delivery time depends on the store you ordered from, but usually the average is 48 hours, sometimes less, for example, supermarket orders arrive within a few hours from the time of order

Is it possible to pay cash upon receipt?

Sure, you can pay cash when you receive your order

What is Shopy Mall return policy?

It depends on the store you order from, but all the products are guaranteed by the stores, especially electrical and electronic appliances, all with a guarantee and their official agents, as they own the shops that sell their goods in the Shopy Mall. Mostly, we help any consumer in case you need this help for any reason

Are there formal agreements with stores?

Certainly we have formal agreements with all Shoppy Mall stores to ensure quality and the rights of all parties

Are you adding new stores?

Certainly the Shoppy Mall team is constantly looking for high-quality stores and concludes agreements with them to start their electronic branches within the Shoppy Mall application, our goal is to provide the right stores for your needs with the highest quality and best prices